Travel Hair Straighteners

Dual Voltage Hair Straightener

Dual Voltage Hair Straightener

Many travelers want to take their own hair straightener with them when they travel overseas, however this means that you will need to buy a converter. The downside to traveling with a converter is, converters tend to be heavy and bulky to pack in your luggage. Even if you buy a converter, there is no guarantee that your hair straightener will not burn out.

Hair straighteners that are not designed for travel can be finicky. Travelers have reported their hair straighter burning out even when using a converter with the correct wattage. 

So as not to burn out your expensive hair straightener, it is recommended that you purchase a hair straightener specifically for travel. The Professional Dual Voltage Hair Straightener is our most popular hair straightener for traveling. Professional Dual Voltage hair straighter has ceramic plates, heats up fast, and can be used in any country world wide with the appropriate adapter plug. 

If you decide not to purchase a dual voltage travel hair straightener, and you decide to travel with your non dual voltage straighter that you already own, it is recommend that you purchase a converter well above the required wattage for your hair straightener. You can find the wattage information on the back of your hair straightener. 

You can purchase travel hair straighteners and dual voltage hair dryers locally at our flagship travel store at Stanford Shopping Mall in Palo Alto, California. We carry dual voltage travel electrics for world wide travelers at Going In Style Travel Accessories, 609 Stanford Shopping Center, Palo Alto, CA 94304 - Visit the Stanford Travel Store website for directions to Going In Style.