Foreign Television Systems


North American televisions are designed to operate on the NTSC broadcast system. Foreign televisions operate on the PAL or SCEAM broadcast system. Your North American television will not receive PAL or SECAM broadcasts but can be used with North American NTSC, VCRs, DVDs and video game players.

Be sure to use a transformer when operating your television on foreign electricity. Usually you will need a 300 - 500 Watt Transformer, however be sure to check the needs of your specific television.

Other Tips Before You Leave

If you are planning to use a voltage transformer with your television, be sure your TV is operating properly before you leave. Always check your television for voltage requirement and wattage rating and read all instructions before using your transformer.  

Make sure you have the proper adapter plug for the country that you plan to visit. Make sure to check the electrical current and voltage of the foreign country before using your transformer.  

Transformers are much heavier than converters, so it may be wise to just purchase a television when you get to your destination and you will not have to worry about using a transformer, adapter and receiving the countries broadcasting system.