Travel Hair Dryer Dual Votlage 1875 Watt

Travel Hair Dryer Dual Votlage 1875 Watt


Dual Voltage Travel Hair Dryer 1875 Watt is a powerful hair dryer designed specifically for traveling to foreign countries.  The dual voltage hair dryer can be used worldwide by switching the voltage to either 120 or 240 volts.  Professional drying and styling power, the 1875 watt hair dryer is are most powerful travel hair dryer.  Compact design is lightweight and easy to pack with a handle that folds up to take up less space in your luggage.

Dual Voltage Travel Hair Dryer 1875 Watt Features:

  • Dual voltage travel hairdryer

  • Generates 1875W of styling power

  • Two speed operation on both voltage settings

  • Foldaway handle for easy packing

  • Attachment included

  • Handy travel bag

  • Style Model # HD4

NOTE: An adaptor plug may be needed for use outside North America.

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Style your hair with the Travel Hair Dryer when you are traveling out of town.  The Dual Voltage Hair Dryer works whether you are traveling to the next town over or flying across the globe.  Powerful 1975 Watt Blow dryer offers professional drying power to dry your hair faster.  Shock-protection circuit (ALCI) adds an extra safety feature.  Cord stretches up to 6 feet long and is coiled for easy storage.  Complete instructions inclosed.  Remember to set the proper voltage before plugging your hair dryer into the wall outlet.

About Dual Voltage Appliances:

When traveling with appliances it is important to know whether your appliance is dual voltage. If it is not dual voltage you will need either a converter or a transformer when traveling. This video will show you how to check to make sure your appliance is dual voltage. Typically cell phones, cameras, tablets and laptops are dual voltage and do not need a converter. Usually hair dryers, curling irons, battery chargers, hair straighteners, electronic razors and electronic toothbrushes not dual voltage. These appliances will need either a converter or a transformer. It is important to check the label for each of your appliances that you will be traveling with. The United States runs on about 120 volts electricity while many other countries run on 220 volts electricity or higher. Without a converter or transformer you can burn out your appliance.