Book Reading Light Lumatec Everest

Book Reading Light Lumatec Everest


Lumatec Everest book light runs up to 100 hours on a single set of AAA batteries and the energy-efficient LEDs are guaranteed to last a lifetime. Enjoy hours of reading without cumbersome cords or wasting money on batteries and bulbs!

  Take your reading light camping when you don't have a power supply.  A removable lanyard and integrated stand make Everest Ultra Bright LED Reading Light a hands-free task light, ideal for any use. Whether backpacking, camping, map reading or exploring the pages of your favortie book Everest Reading Light rises to the challenge.

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Lumatec Everest Reading LED Light Features:

  • Two wide angle LEDs
  • Run time 100+ hours on single set of batteries
  • Requires 4 AAA batteries
  • Model #ev-150