Refillable Atomiser Perfume and Cologne Spray Design Go

Refillable Atomiser Perfume and Cologne Spray Design Go


Refillable Atomiser allows you to take your favorite fragrance anywhere.  The tiny spray bottle is design for travel and allows for over 50 sprays.  Cabin approved, easy to fill and leak proof.  Decant your favorite perfume in seconds into this travel sized spray bottle.

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Refillable Atomiser Fragrance Bottle Features:

  • Allows over 50 sprays
  • Leak proof
  • Capacity 4.7m
  • Cabin approved

Take your favourite fragrance anywhere with this refillable atomiser. Thanks to its patented dual-filling mechanism, it can be filled in seconds by either pouring or spraying directly into the base. Perfect for use with any perfume or aftershave, the leak-proof glass bottle holds more than 50 sprays, while the sleek and slimline design is cabin approved for hassle-free travel.

The patented dual filling mechanism makes this perfume bottle easy to use.  Just unscrew the base cap, hold funnel over nozzle at 45 degrees then spray to fill..  Alternatively you can pour into funnel.  Then return the base cap and twist tightly to lock.  Now you are ready to take your favorite perfume with you on your plane trip.

Refillable Atomiser is complete with a lid, nozzle, glass chamber, filling funnel and base cap.  Easy to use, you can transfer your cologne over in seconds and smell good during your whole trip.