Pitotubes Mini Travel Bottle Set

Pitotubes Mini Travel Bottle Set


Pitotubes Mini Kit Travel Bottle set features airless pump allowing you to extract every precious drop of your personal care products. Bottles are made of the highest quality recyclable plastic making the bottles durable yet lightweight for travel. Pitotubes are TSA compliant so you can carry your shampoo and soap through airport security. 

Pitotubes Travel Bottle Set Features:

  • Material is high quality recyclable plastic
  • 3 travel size bottles total
  • Personalized waterproof label sheet
  • Metallic mesh bag
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Pitotubes travel bottle set includes three 1 oz Pitotube bottles. Mini Pito tube Bottle Set is great for short weekend trips or to take to the gym.  The clear plastic bag has a silver metallic mesh gusset made of durable fin woven wire and double stitched seams for superior quality.  The zipper pull has a signature toggle for easy access.  The bag is easy to care for and wash with diluted soap.

Kit includes three Pitotubes that are engraved with both oz and ml designations to comply with domestic and international security regulations. Travel bottle kit comes with waterproof label sheets with 14 titles and 2 blanks labels. Labels include Shampoo, Solution, Body Wash, Serum, Mouthwash, Body Spray, Cleanser, Hairspray, Conditioner, Facial Toner, Moisturizer, Makeup Remover, Hair Gel and Sun Screen.  Pack all of your favorite beauty products into TSA compliant Pitotubes when you travel.