Acustraps Nausea Sea Bands Design Go

Acustraps Nausea Sea Bands Design Go


Acustraps motion sickness wrist band bracelets relieve motion sickness from traveling by boat, plane or car. Acustraps Nausea Sea Sickness Bands are an adjustable wrist strap that ensures optimum pressure with maximum comfort. Effective control of transport induced nausea at sea, by road or in the air. Get motion sickness relief with Acustrap acupressure nausea relief. Acustrap is a drug free, non drowsy nausea relief that is safe for children and pregnant women.

Acustraps acupressure treatment wrist straps are now only available in the color Navy.

Design Go Nausea Acustraps Sea Bands Features:

  • Dimensions 10.4" x 0.8"

  • Weight 0.2 oz

  • Material nylon, polyester

  • Set of two Acustrap bands

  • Style # 403

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Put an end to travel sickness with these fully adjustable, anti-sickness bands. Discreet yet effective, they work by applying acupressure on the Nei-Kuan point between the two central tendons near the wrist. Suitable for adults and children alike, these sickness bands are a 100% safe and natural alternative to sleep inducing anti-sickness tablets. Availalbe in colors blueberry and mushroom. Please note that Acustraps ship in multiple colors. If you have a preference please leave a note at checkout.

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