What Adapter Do I Need For Israel?

Grounded Israel Adapter Plug To Charge Your iPhone

Grounded Israel Adapter Plug To Charge Your iPhone

Israel has a unique socket type that accepts three round pins configured in a triangle shape. If you are traveling with a device that has a grounded (three prong) power plug, such as a laptop, then you will need a grounded Israel adapter plug in order to plug in your laptop into Israel wall outlets. Going In Style's grounded Israel adapter is named the GUI Israel grounded adapter*.

If you are traveling with an electronic that has a nongrounded (two prong) plug such as an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy phone, iPad or Kindle, you can use either a grounded or nongrounded adapter, however the nongrounded Israel adapter will be sufficient.  

Israel nongrounded adapter plug has two round pins. While Israel's grounded plug is country specific, Israel's non-grounded adapter is the same two pin adapter used all over Continental Europe in countries such as France, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Sweden ...

Going In Style also carries a USB nongrounded Israel adapter to charge your phone and table via a USB charging cable. Our USB adapter is a popular adapter because you can potentially charge up to three devices at once. Two USB ports on the adapter allow you to charge your phone and tablet and the AC outlet allows you to plug in your camera batteries, or laptop computer. 

*Note that each company will have a different naming convention for their adapters. Learn more about adapters and their naming convention on our adapter guide page or on our Going In Style adapter blog.

You can purchase travel adapters for Israel locally at our flagship travel store at Stanford Shopping Mall in Palo Alto, California. We carry adapter plugs for Israel at Going In Style Travel Accessories, 609 Stanford Shopping Center, Palo Alto, CA 94304 - Visit the Stanford Travel Store website www.stanfordtravelstore.com for directions to Going In Style.