Womens Money Belt Body Pocket Design Go

Womens Money Belt Body Pocket Design Go


Lingerie inspired undercover money belt by Design GO is a must-have for all women. Body Pocket is ultra slim and discreet, so even with your passport, cash and credit cards concealed inside, nobody will know you're even wearing it. Wear under your clothes to store valuables such as jewelry, cash, currency, travelers checks, identification, passport and more. Perfect for traveling to any destination. Womens' lightweight moneybelt will hide your valuable close to your body.

Soft and breathable fabric hugs your body for a comfortable fit, and is soft against your skin.

Design GO - Body Pocket Features:

  • Fully adjustable straps fits size 25" to 33" - One size fits most.
  • Material polyester and spandex
  • Dimensions 0.1" x 4.7" x 13.2"
  • Weight 0.8 oz
  • One-zip pocket design
  • Style #599
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Inspired by the soft and supple nature of lingerie, this feminine money belt is made from breathable, skin-soft fabrics. Beautifully stretchy and oh so comfy, its good looks don't detract from its core function; to protect your valuables. A single zipped compartment and internal pocket discretely conceals belongings under clothing for peace of mind when out and about.

Waist body pocket clips around your waist and is meant to be worn under clothing. Money belt coneals valuable under your clothing so thieves cannot access your cash and ID. Money belt is fully adjustable and one size fits most.

What Is A Moneybelt?

A travel money belt is a portable safe used as precaution against theft while travelling. It offers peace of mind and is a safer option than a travel wallet because it's hidden under your clothes. Think of it in the same sense as your underwear. You put it on in the beginning of the day and throughout the day it's out of sight and out of mind.

Remember, a money belt is only worth its value if worn properly - under your clothes. Keeping cash, a passport and a debit card in your money belt in your bag defeats its purpose. If the bag is stolen, then too will be your money belt. Yes, thieves are aware of money belts, but it unlikely that they will undress you to steal something - they are looking for items that are quick and easy to grab.