Travel Belt Bank Hidden Pocket Design Go

Travel Belt Bank Hidden Pocket Design Go


Travel belt with a hidden zipper pouch to discreetly hide cash and valuables. On the underside of the belt is a 60 cm compartment that zips closed. Belt Bank is ideal for storing bank notes. Belt is trimmed in real leather and is fully adjustable. One size fits all.

Design Go Belt Bank Hidden Compartment Features:

  • Dimensions 1.6" x 48.7" x 0.2"
  • Weight 5 oz
  • Fits waist max 45"; Fits waist min 25"
  • Material Cotton, Leather, Metal
  • Style # 950
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Not to be mistaken for a conventional belt, this innovative Belt Bank hides a secret. Cleverly concealed on the inside is a 60cm zipped compartment designed for storing bank notes discreetly. Trimmed in real leather and finished with an attractive silver buckle, the belt's length can be easily adjusted allowing one size to fit all.

What Is A Moneybelt?

A travel money belt is a portable safe used as precaution against theft while travelling. It offers peace of mind and is a safer option than a travel wallet because it's hidden under your clothes. Think of it in the same sense as your underwear. You put it on in the beginning of the day and throughout the day it's out of sight and out of mind.

Remember, a money belt is only worth its value if worn properly - under your clothes. Keeping cash, a passport and a debit card in your money belt in your bag defeats its purpose. If the bag is stolen, then too will be your money belt. Yes, thieves are aware of money belts, but it unlikely that they will undress you to steal something - they are looking for items that are quick and easy to grab.