Afghanistan Travel Adapter Kit | Going In Style

Afghanistan Travel Adapter Kit | Going In Style

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Afghanistan Adapter Kit adapters fit Afghanistan outlets. Buy Afghanistan Adapter before you leave on your trip so you can start using your electrics as soon as you reach your hotel room.

Deluxe Adapter Kit: Includes four adapters and ships Priority Mail with tracking.

Standard PLUS: Two grounded adapter plugs and one dual voltage Travel Power Surge Strip.  

Standard Adapter Kit: Includes two grounded adapters.

Basic Adapter Kit:  Includes two non-grounded adapters.

Price: $10.50 - $47.00

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Grounded and Non Grounded Adapters | What will you need for your trip to Afghanistan?

Afghanistan is located in Southern Asia and uses a two round pin, non grounded, adapter plug that is used in many parts of Continental Europe and other Middle Eastern Countries. These adapters are compatible with American or European two-pronged and three-pronged plugs and converts these to the Afghanistan style electrical plug, so you can use your North American appliances in the country of Afghanistan. Purchase Afghanistan adapter plugs online before your flight departure date.

Deluxe Afghanistan Adapter Plug Set comes with a total of four adapter plugs and ships Priority Mail with tracking so you will have your adapters to you in time for your trip.  The Deluxe Afghanistan Adapter Kit includes both grounded and non grounded adapter plugs.  If you only need grounded adapter plugs you can purchase the Standard Afghanistan Adapter Plug Kit which comes with two grounded adapter plugs for Afghanistan. Basic Afghanistan Adapter Plug set comes with two non grounded adapter plugs. If you are not sure whether you will need a grounded or a non grounded adapter plug for your trip to Afghanistan, watch Going In Style's Adapter Plug Video. This video will show you the difference between grounded and non grounded adapter plugs.

Adapter plugs allow electrical connections up to 240 volts. An adapter plug does NOT change the current or voltage (this requires a converter) unless your appliance is dual voltage. A non-grounded adapter may NOT be used with appliances that have grounded plugs; for these you will need a grounded adapter.  If your hair dryer, curling iron, electric razor is not dual voltage you will most likely need a converter to use your electric. Using the wrong wattage can damage the appliance. For more information see Going In Style's Adapter and Converter Finder.

Many of our customers find it handy to have multiple adaptors while traveling - either to run several appliances simultaneously or simply as a backup.

If you think you will need additional adapters for your trip, you can also purchase individual adapters.

Going In Style Afghanistan Model GIS-AF-B-F-GUR-GUF


Travel Power Strip With USB Port

Travel Power Strip With USB Port

Standard PLUS Travel Adapter Kit includes a dual voltage travel powerstrip with built in surge protector and grounded adapter plugs. When traveling, you may come across several types of wall outlets and three different grounded adapters will be needed. You can always call ahead to your hotel and ask what adapter will be necessary for your stay. Remember that this travel powerstrip does not convert electricity. Make sure your battery pack, smart phone, e reader, hair dryer is dual voltage before you leave for your trip.

Travel power strip is dual voltage and has complete 3 line surge protection. Plug in your United States / North America appliance plugs into the three AC outlets.  Foreign electricity can have unexpected power surges and voltage spikes that can damage expensive electronics and appliances. If you are traveling with a laptop you will want to make a safe connection and surge protection is recommended. 

When you get to destination country you can plug your travel power strip into the countries wall sockets with the grounded adapter plug included in the Standard Plus Kit. Travel Power Surge Strip allows you to plug in three United States devices and two USB ports simultaneously. That means you can power your laptop while charging your cell phone and camera battery pack. Additionally the power strip has two 5V DC USB outlets with auto cut off auto reset overload protection so you can charge your cell ipad via the USB port and safe the AC outlets for other electronics. 

Travel Dual Voltage Power Strip with Surge Protection has a North America US plug, however you can plug it into any wall outlet world wide with the correct earthed adapter. The Standard Plus kit not only includes the power strip but also the grounded adapter needed to plug your power strip into foreign countries wall sockets. Travel power strip with surge protection is dual voltage and will work world wide. However, this power strip DOES NOT convert voltage so your appliance will need to be dual voltage or a converter is required.

Compact design and space-saving cord management system make it easy to take with you on all your trips.  Use the Power Surge Strip to keep electronic devices charged and ready to go at all times. Already have an adapter plug for your destination country? Shop for just the travel power strip.

**IMPORTANT: The Travel Power Strip DOES NOT convert voltage. Your AC devices MUST be rated 100-240, 110/220 or 120/240VAC to use them on foreign 220-240VAC electrical systems.

Deluxe Adapter Plug Kit Includes: 

  • Four adapters total
  • Personal adapter travel bag
  • Priority shipping upgrade with tracking
  • Going In Style  Afghanistan Model GIS-AF-B-F-GUR-GUF

Standard PLUS Kit Features:

  • Two grounded adapters
  • CE Certified 
  • One power strip
  • Going In Style Adapter

Standard Adapter Plug Kit Includes:

  • Two grounded adapter plugs
  • CE Certified plugs
  • Going In Style Adapter Model GIS-AF-GUR-GUF

Basic Adapter Plug Kit Includes:

  • Two non-grounded adapter plugs
  • Polarized Plugs
  • Going In Style Adapter Model GIS-AF-B-F

Going In Style Adapters Feature:

  • CE Certified
  • Polarized adapter to fit polarized plugs (one prong larger than the other) 
  • Allows connection up to 240 volts
  • Enables United States appliance plugs to fit into foreign country wall outlets
  • Enables Europe appliance plugs to fit into foreign country wall outlets
  • An adapter plug does NOT change the current or voltage (this requires a converter).
  • Going In Style Adapters will work with Going In Style Converters
  • If you need extra adapters you can purchase individual adapters.

Grounded Adapter Plugs

If you are traveling with a grounded United States dual/multi-voltage appliance or using a grounded Transformer you will need to use a grounded adaptor plug. A grounded United States plug has two flat blades and one round pin.

Non-Grounded Adapter Plugs

Going In Style offers non-grounded adapter plugs for use with your voltage converter, transformer, or dual/multi voltage appliance. A non-grounded United States plug has two flat blades.

Cycles: 50 Hz vs. 60 Hz.

Afghanistan operates on 220 volt electricity and is generated at 50Hz (Cycles) Alternating Current. United States 110-120 volt electricity is generated at 60Hz (Cycles) Alternating Current. This difference in cycles may cause the motor in your 60Hz United States appliance to operate slightly slower when used on 50Hz foreign electricity. Most modern electronic equipment including battery chargers, computers, iPods, etc., will not be affected by the difference in cycle.

Computers and Apple Products

If you are traveling overseas with a Toshiba, HP, Acer, laptop or Apple device such as an iPad, chances are you won’t need a voltage converter. Since your iPad and iPhone are dual voltage you will not need a converter to charge your iPad.  However, you will need an Afghanistan adapter plug to plug in your apple device charger into Afghanistan wall outlets.  Most laptops are multi - voltage and will operate on voltages ranging from 100 to 240 volts. However, computers do need to make safe connections to foreign power systems and a surge protector is recommended and you will still need an adapter to use your plug.

Be sure to check each individual appliance to see if it is dual voltage.  You can watch Going In Style's video on how to check to see if your appliance is dual voltage.

Shop Going In Style Converters and Transformers

Converter- Changing Current Voltage

Going in Style adapters allow electrical connections up to 240 volts. Adapter plugs DO NOT convert voltage and only change the configuration of the pins. When voltage conversion is needed, use an electricity converter. An electricity converter changes the voltage input into your appliance. The United States electrical appliances operate on a lower current of 110-120 volts AC (Alternating Current). Most of the world operates on 220-240 volts AC. Therefore converter units enable your electronic and non-electronic appliances to run on foreign electricity (220-240 volts) to match the voltage requirements of your 110-120 volt device. Failure to run your appliance with a converter could damage your appliance.

To learn more about adapters watch Going In Style's Adapter Videos.


About Afghanistan


Afghanistan is located in Southern Asia and its area is slightly smaller than Texas. The climate is arid with cold winters and hot summers.


Currency in Afghanistan is the Afghani (AFN). Street moneychangers are the simplest way to exchange your money. ATMs are available in major cities and it is best to only use ATMs at Standard Charter Bank. Banks allow you cash travelers cheques. Visa and Master Card are accepted at major hotels, but generally not widely accepted. US dollars are accepted at many hotels.

Staying Connected

It is possible to stay connected in Afghanistan through a satellite phone, but satellite phones can be expensive. Another option is to use an unlocked or an international cell phone. The cell phone needs to be either tri-band or quad-band and then you will need to obtain a SIM card for the phone. You will need an adapter to be able to charge your cell phone. Most cell phone battery rechargers should be multi-voltage, therefore will not require a converter. If the charger says 100- 240 volts, 50-60 cycles then your charger in multi-voltage. When calling to Afghanistan from the US use country code 011+93.

Afghanistan has over 121 internet hosts and over 1 million internet users. Internet access is growing through Internet cafes, telekiosks and hotels, especially in major cities. When traveling with your own laptop or iPad you will need an adapter to keep these devices charged.

Even though officially Afghanistan operates on 220 volt 50Hz, in fact, electricity supplies are unpredictable and voltage can range a great deal.