EuroSurge Volt Surge Protector 220-240

EuroSurge Volt Surge Protector 220-240


EuroSurge is a portable surge protector for world travelers.  When traveling overseas with a laptop or electronic device a surge protector is recommended.  This surge protector provides AC power and data line surge protection for your 220 - 240 volt ready electronic devices while traveling in foreign countries with 220 -240 volt power sources.  European Surge Protector insulates your laptop or other portable electronics from dangerous voltage spikes in 220 volt countries.  

If you are using your EuroSurge with an adapter plug you will also need the ground collar.

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Features two protected and grounded AC outlets plus a protected modem telephone port. Power plugs into "B" style Continental European grounded electrical outlets. Use with 220-240 volt READY DEVICES (Input voltage on your device must be 100-240, 110/220 or 120/240VAC).

Even if your laptop does not need a voltage converter a surge protector is recommended.  Some foreign countries have unreliable electrical voltage.  In order to make a safe connection, it is recommended that you use a surge protector when using devices such as a computer or laptop.

Traveling to the UK, Malta or Ireland?  You may still need an adapter plug to use the EuroSurge Surge Protector.

Note: You may need a ground collar for your surge protector.

Surge Protection: 

Complete 3-line protection on 220-240VAC power lines. RJ11 phone line-in and modem-out protection. Two 220-240VAC Outlets – 8 Amps Max.

Pulse Filter: 

Eliminates European telephone “pulse signals” that can interrupt modem connections. 

Indicator Lights:

 Monitor surge protection circuitry and ground connection.

Grounded European CEE 7/7 Plug:

 Fits most grounded sockets in Continental Europe.

One Year Limited Warranty.


NOTE: You may need a different grounded adapter plug and a ground collar to adapt the Euro Surge to other countries such as Italy Switzerland England or Russia.


EuroSurge Surge Protector Features: 

  • Weight 0.50 lb.
  • Dimensions 4"H x 2 1/4"W x 1 1/2"D 
  • Tax impulse filter
  • Indicator lights
  • AC power rating 8 Amps (1920 watts total) 
  • AC Input / Output 220 - 240 VAC 50 / 60 Hz. 
  • Two protected AC outlets
  • Joule rating 1200
  • One protected modem / fax line
  • Model SP2

The Continental European plug type has two round pins and can be used as is in Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and many Eastern European Countries.  If you are traveling to a county that does not use this plug type you can purchase an adapter and a collar for your travel surge protector.

EuroSurge will provide complete surge protection for your multi-voltage (100-240 VAC) portable computer while traveling in countries with 220 - 240 volt power sources.  Two protected electrical outlets are proved as well as a protected phone line for your modem.  The phone line includes a built-in, Tax Impulse Filter to eliminate unwanted signals that can interrupt your modem connections.  Indicator lights let you know that the surge protection circuit is properly connected and working.  A built-in, grounded European plug allows you easy access to most European electrical outlets.  When traveling overseas with your portable computer, the EuroSurge will make all your power and modem connections safe ones.  

WARNING EuroSurge output is 220-240 VAC DO NOT USE with 110/120 VAC devices! 

Be sure your electronic device is 220 - 240 volt ready.  This information is located in the specifications section of your operating manual or on the manufacturer's label located on the bottom or back of your device as "Input Voltage".  Devices with auto ranging 110 - 240 VAC power supplies do not have a voltage selector switch and are 220 - 240 volt position. 

Operating Instructions

AC Power Connection

  1. Be sure your 220 - 240 volt device is turned off
  2. Plug the EuroSurge into the 220-240 volt foreign wall outlet - Note: a grounded adapter may be needed depending on the country
  3. Check the indicator lights If BOTH the PROTECTED WHEN LIT and GROUNDED WHEN LIT lights are on, the EuroSurge is operating normally
  • If BOTH the PROTECTED WHEN LIT and GROUNDED WHEN LIT lights are on, the EuroSurge is operating normally
  • If The GROUNDED WHEN  LIT light is out, there is no ground connection.  AC power is available but the surge protection circuit is NOT active.  Try another outlet.
  • If the PROTECTED WHEN LIT light is out, the circuit has absorbed a large power surge.  AC power is available but the surge protection circuit is NOT active.  Replace unit.

         4. If both indicator lights are lit plug the AC power outlet on the EuroSurge.  You may connect two 220 - 240 volt                                        ready devices simultaneously.  Do not exceed the 8 amp maximum total rating.

Modem / Fax Line Connection

  1. Be sure your 220 - 240 volt device is turned off
  2. Connect the foreign phone line into the RJ11 jack labeled "Phone Line".  Note: An International Phone Adaptor may be needed.  Connect the modem / fax line into the RJ11 jack labeled "To Modem". Two phone cords with RJ11 connectors (not included) may be needed to connect the foreign phone line and the modem / fax line.


Recessed European Outlets

IMPORTANT: If you are using a voltage converter and are traveling in a country that uses recessed electrical outlets you will need to carry a Continental Europe Non Grounded two round pin plug, even if the converter has these round pins built in. 

If you will be traveling to Continental Europe, see our Continental Europe Adapter Plug Kit or search for your destination country alphabetically to find the adapter plug you need.

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