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Electrical plug adapters are usually required when you travel abroad. Adapters enable your appliances to be plugged in to any type of electrical outlet around the world by changing the pin configuration of your power plug.

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Luggage Strap with Plastic Buckle


Luggage Strap with Plastic Buckle


Adjustable Luggage Strap protects your baggage from opening while being handled by airlines. The super strong bag strap offers a second layer of protection, so your belongings don't end up spilling out all over the airline carousal.

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Wherever you travel, this luggage strap prevents the contents of your suitcase from being scattered or lost if your luggage opens suddenly during transit.  The heavy duty strap is two inches wide and adjusts from 42 to 80 inches.  After intital adjustment, the snap-style buckle makes attachment quick and easy.  Don't leave the security of your belongings to chance - help ensure their safe arrival with the adjustable luggage strap. Keep the contents of your luggage intact when you travel.