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Electrical plug adapters are usually required when you travel abroad. Adapters enable your appliances to be plugged in to any type of electrical outlet around the world by changing the pin configuration of your power plug.

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Going In Style Has Launched a New Innovative Adapter Site

Going In Style has a new Travel Adapter Website; no matter where your travels take you, you will have the adapters you need for all of your electronics and appliances. Going In Style's new adapter site is easily searchable for the adapter you need. Deluxe Adapter Kits included both grounded and non grounded adapters and ship Priority mail so you will have your adapter to you in no time.

This new adapter site makes it easy to find the adapter you need for your destination country.  You can easily search in alphabetical order by country A to Z or by world region including Caribbean, Africa and Oceania.

An adapter plug is necessary if you are bringing your North America appliances such as cell phone chargers, hair dryer, iPad charger and laptop on your trip. In the United States we use appliance plugs with two flat pins, however other countries have various pin configurations for their electrical outlets. In order to plug your United States plug into a foreign outlet you will need an adapter plug. Almost anyone that travels abroad will need to bring an adaptor with them on their trip.

Whether you are traveling to Bhutan, India, England, Korea or are touring Europe, you can easily find the adapter you need for your trip.