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Electrical plug adapters are usually required when you travel abroad. Adapters enable your appliances to be plugged in to any type of electrical outlet around the world by changing the pin configuration of your power plug.

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Travel Mini Hair Straightener Europe


Travel Mini Hair Straightener Europe


 Design Go Slimline Straightener designed for use in Europe is thinner than other straighteners, this means you can straighten hair closer to the scalp, adding more body and shine and is excellent for shorter hair styles. Avoid frizz when traveling to humid, muggy countries. 

Need to fix your hair? Just pull out your straight iron and smooth frizzy flyaways at the hotel, restaurant or airport.  This styler has ceramic plates that are recommended by professionals.

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Design Go Mini Travel Hair Straightener is the perfect hair straighter for anyone who wants straight, sleek hair on the go This compact straightener is specifically designed for use in Europe. The Slimline Straightener can fit anywhere - in purses, diaper bags, carry-ons, back packs and even the glove compartment for quick touch-ups on the go - have perfect, sleek, fly-away free hair, anytime, anywhere..

This compact Mini Styler is the only straighter you need for traveling. Its compact size means it packs easily in any suitcase and since it is dual voltage it will work in many different countries.  You may need an adapter for countries that do not utilize the Europe round pin plug outlet such as the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland.

Design Go Slimline Compact Mini Styler / Straighteners Features:

  • Multivoltage (220-240 volts) for use in many countries
  • Instantly hot tourmaline ceramic plates
  • Flexible 59" power cord
  • Complete instructions enclosed
  • Dimensions: 3/4"W x 6"L
  • LED indicator light
  • Simple On/Off operation
  • Great for short or long hair
  • Instantly hot ceramic coated plates
  • Designed for use in Europe
  • CE Certified

About Dual Voltage Appliances: 

When traveling with appliances it is important to know whether your appliance is dual voltage.  If it is not dual voltage you will need either a converter or a transformer when traveling.

This video will show you how to check to make sure your appliance is dual voltage.  

Typically cell phones, cameras, tablets and laptops are dual voltage and do not need a converter.

Usually hair dryers, curling irons, battery chargers, hair straighteners, electronic razors and electronic toothbrushes not dual voltage.  These appliances will need either a converter or a transformer.  It is important to check the label for each of your appliances that you will be traveling with.

The United States runs on about 120 volts electricity while many other countries run on 220 volts electricity or higher.  Without a converter or transformer you can burn out your appliance.