Mini Travel Garment Steamer Dual Voltage Design Go

Mini Travel Garment Steamer Dual Voltage Design Go


Mini Clothes Steamer is dual voltage and perfect for travel.  The lightweight clothing steamer is easy to pack in your suitcase so you have a wrinkle free wardrobe even while traveling away from home.

Three plug types of clothing steamers available, Europe, UK and US.

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The Design Go Portable Clothes Steamer is available in three different plug types.  The Europe, two round pin plug type is for traveling to continental Europe such as Germany, Belgium Austria, Finland, etc.

The United Kingdom plug, with three fat square pins, is design for traveling to the United Kingdom, England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

North America clothes steamer has two flat pins and is design for traveling to Canada, United States, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica...

Compact Clothes Steamer is dual voltage so make sure that the voltage is set correctly before you plug it in.  You can also use your clothes steamer in other countries when you bring the correct adapter plug.

Mini Garment Steamer Features:

  • Rapid Steam Generation
  • Detachable Steam Head
  • Extended Power Cable 2.5M
  • Up to 15 Minutes of Steam
  • Dual Voltage


Keep your garb looking nice, tidy and wrinkle free while on the go.  Remove creases from clothes when travelling.  The Mini Dress Steamer provides up to 15 minutes of continuous steam.  Safe for delicate fabrics you can steam your dresses, slacks, suits, pants and ties while staying in hotels. Great steamer to have while traveling for work, leisure or traveling for a wedding.

Looking smart has never been so easy with this dual voltage travel garment steamer. Providing 15 minutes of continuous steam and with no ironing board required, it effortlessly removes creases from even the most delicate fabrics. The detachable steam brush head stores neatly for travel inside the steamer's handle, making packing quick and easy. 

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